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About Us

At PurMaid, the cornerstone of our company is to provide a superior professional eco-friendly “house cleaning service” that delivers a truly pure clean of your indoor space, creating a healing and peaceful state of mind.


What’s Included In
Each House Cleaning?


Standard Tasks



Clean Tub/shower stalls
Clean Commode inside/out
Clean Lights, mirrors, and counter
Clean Paper holder/towel racks
Straighten towels
Vacuum/hand wash floors,
shake out rugs
Wipe baseboards


Clean countertops
Clean Microwave in/out
Clean Stove exterior
Clean Fridge, dishwasher exteriors
Clean Sink, faucet, drain
Vacuum/mop floors

Bedrooms/Other Living Areas

Dust furniture/wall hangings
Straighten linens
Clean patio door(s) in/out
Vacuum/mop floors incl walk-in closets

Deep Tasks 

Both A/B List for initial visit, then rotate between list A & B every other visit


Wipe Blinds OR Doors/Door Frames
Dust/Wipe window sills throughout
Wipe cabinet exteriors (kitch/baths)
Wipe down small kitchen appliances
Clean oven door interior
Wipe down washer/dryer exteriors

Dust/Wipe baseboards throughout
Dust/Wipe fans/light fixtures
Vacuum upholstery/under cushions
Cobwebbing throughout
Dust Exposed Vents
Wipe light switch plate covers

Initial Visit

All Standard Tasks
List A Deep Tasks
List B Deep Tasks

Move Clean

All Standard Tasks
List A Deep Tasks
List B Deep Tasks


Move Tasks

Recurring Visits
All Standard Tasks
Rotate List A and
List B Deep Tasks
E.g. Standard plus
List A at one visit,
then the next visit Standard
plus List B, then the following
visit is back to Standard plus
List A, etc


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